Student Services

Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC)

The Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC) works closely with the academic community in Ashoka to develop critical thinking, writing and communication skills. CWC is the largest centre in Ashoka and works with all the diverse sections that make the Ashoka community: the entire student body (from the undergraduate students to research scholars), faculty, staff and other specialised centres in the university..

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The Ashoka Centre for Well-Being

The ACWB is a non-aligned centre offering counselling and psychological support for students, staff and faculty at Ashoka University.

Our team of counselors, professionals and volunteers offer a range of services from individual counseling sessions to group workshops. We aspire to help anyone who accesses our services in building emotional resources, developing better coping strategies and combating the stress and anxiety that accompany our daily lives.

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Office of Learning Support (OLS)

The Office of Learning Support at Ashoka University promotes an inclusive environment for students with learning difficulties and sensory impairments. Through an interactive process, we are a support system to help students with specific needs achieve their individual academic goals. Ashoka University, one of the pioneers of change and social impact, through the OLS, creates equal opportunity for students irrespective of his/her special needs. We act as a central resource on specific-needs-related information and services for the University. While the office empowers and strengthens the University community by providing equal access and opportunities available to the individuals with disabilities, it also promotes a collaborative approach to the implementation of inclusion policies.

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Residence Life

Ashoka University's Residence Life programme, the first of its kind in India, is dedicated to revitalising the campus residential experience, starting with creating a community in every residence hall. You could spend time chatting with your RA, lounging in the common room, or studying with friends. You will share a room with a classmate in one of our meticulously-maintained residence halls while learning from your fellow students from all around the world. Settle in to a residential programme that helps you make the most of every University moment.

Working in tandem with a team of support staff and Wardens, Resident Assistants bring the campus to your doorstep. Concerned about making the jump to college housing? Ashoka University's Residence Life staff is here to help. Not sure how to manage your class schedule and extracurricular? Feeling homesick and need a listening ear? RAs are at hand to give advice, lend a supportive hand, and connect you with the vast network of resources available on campus.

Residence Life at Ashoka University welcomes you to a community of diverse and talented scholars residing in a close-knit and dynamic learning environment. We are dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable and vibrant residential experience for you on Campus. We look forward to making our home yours.

Who's who in Residence Life?

The Residence Life Programme is managed through the efforts of a team that includes the following:


Each residential building is staffed by at least one warden. The primary role of the warden is to manage the undergraduate check-in-and-out registers, respond to emergencies and disciplinary infractions, manage building infrastructure, coordinate in-hall housekeeping and maintenance staff, and conduct business necessary to the well-being of the student community. As part of student check-in and check-out policy the warden records all departures from and arrivals to campus by undergraduates. Concerns about residence life policies, sources of conflict in the hall, conduct infractions or issues with the building infrastructure should be reported first to the floor Resident Assistant and the Warden on the hall before reaching out to the Residence Life Co-ordinator, Director of Student Life, or Dean of Undergraduate Programmes.

Residence Life Coordinator

The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) works in tandem with the Director of Student Life and Dean of Undergraduate Programmes to develop the Residence Life Programme as a whole and coordinate the efforts of Residence Life staff. The RLC also serves as a mentor to students, and is available during select business hours to discuss concerns related to Residence Life. In case of disciplinary infraction, the RLC may serve on the Disciplinary Committee that addresses student misconduct.

Resident Assistants

Each floor in a residential hall is staffed with one Resident Assistant (RA). RAs work together to create an engaging and educational in-hall experience for students. The RAs are committed to the student community and are trained in mentorship, crisis management, conflict mediation, community building. In short, they act as confidantes, mentors and first points-of-contact to a resident undergraduate.


As a purely residential campus, the university houses its students in the fully furnished and air conditioned Men's and Women's residence halls. Our students have round-the-clock access to free of cost first aid and medical assistance at the infirmary situated in the common lounge of the Women's residence along with host of other services such as laundry, documentation centre, tuck shop, book-cum-stationery store, unisex salon and gymnasium. The common lounge of both the residence halls is equipped with a television, reading areas, board games and a pantry. Apart from this, each floor of the residence halls has a pantry and reading room, allowing students to interact and bond together in the shared community space.

The university dining mess along with six other eating joints on campus provides students with a plethora of healthy local and global choices of cuisine.

A dedicated free of cost and timely shuttle service is available to all students, staff and visitors to and from the Jahangirpuri Metro Station and Ashoka University Campus. This transport facility safely and comfortably connects our students with Delhi, giving them access to the city's rich culture and heritage.

Student Support

Our counselling centre, the Centre for Individual and Group Experience (CIGE) is an endeavour towards supporting and ensuring a more holistic well-being of students, which includes mind, body and relationships to others. It aspires to help them become people with a rich inner emotional life that can provide resilience and be a source of energy and creativity. With its aim to foster a safe space that encourages an integrated understanding of the world inside (feelings, anxieties, fears, dreams, rationality, irrationality, personal histories) and outside (cultures, social hierarchies, ambitions, academics, leadership, relationships), CIGE acts as an enabler in building an environment that rivets together emotional, social and interpersonal well-being.

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